We are an independent non-ministerial government department set up to ensure the effective regulation of the Electricity, Gas and Water and Sewerage industries in Northern Ireland.


Key current gas projects include:

Gas Storage

We published a Gas storage conclusions paperon 7 March 2012. The paper confirms the final conditions for a gas storage licence in Northern Ireland.

We granted the first gas storage licence to Islandmageein October 2012

The Common Arrangements for Gas project (CAG)

As part of the European Union, Northern Ireland (NI) and the Republic of Ireland (RoI) are committed to the development of a Single European Gas Market. The European Commission has put in place an overarching legislative framework within which all member states are working to achieve the Single Gas Market which is designed to bring benefits to all European citizens and to contribute to Europe’s competitiveness.

An industry update on CAG was published on 2 February 2012.