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Title Date
[More] Regulator publishes a pension deficit position paper22/12/14
[More] Security of Supply update paper published22/12/14
[More] Discussion Paper on Approach for the Gas Distribution Price Control GD17 published19/12/14
[More] Utility Regulator consults on Gas to the West conveyance licence conditions18/12/14
[More] firmus energy (Supply) Ltd price control final determination15/12/14
[More] UR publishes NI Water Price Control Final Determination10/12/14
[More] Utility Regulator consults on new electricity supply licence for Project Plug Limited09/12/14
[More] Update on licensing arrangements for Aggregated Generator Units (AGUs) and Demand Side Units (DSUs)05/12/14
[More] Consultation on the introduction of contestability in electricity connections commences02/12/14
[More] Utility Regulator publishes quarterly retail energy market monitoring report28/11/14
[More] Draft Forward Work Programme 2015-2016 published25/11/14
[More] Utility Regulator decides on preferred applicant for Gas to the West competition18/11/14
[More] Competition in retail energy markets in Northern Ireland report published18/11/14
[More] Contestability in Connections10/11/14
[More] Utility Regulator grants electricity supply licence to Open Electric Limited04/11/14
[More] Consultation opens on proposed new electricity generation licences31/10/14
[More] Papers to accompany consultation on introducing gas entry charges27/10/14
[More] Northern Ireland Gas Capacity Statement published23/10/14
[More] Introducing contestability in connections - workshop22/10/14
[More] Regulator consults on introducing gas entry charges16/10/14
[More] Review of Generating Unit Agreements published10/10/14
[More] Licence modification consultation on a severe weather event07/10/14
[More] Utility Regulator publishes its sixth annual Energy Retail Report07/10/14
[More] firmus energy (Supply) Ltd Price Control Draft Determination06/10/14
[More] Review of electricity transmission standards by SONI02/10/14
[More] Consultation on new electricity supply licence for Open Electric Limited01/10/14
[More] Revocation of Ervia (formerly Bord Gáis Éireann) electricity supply licence01/10/14
[More] UR publishes NI Water Cost and Performance Report 2013-1401/10/14
[More] Utility Regulator grants gas supply licence to Power NI Energy Limited25/09/14
[More] New wholesale electricity market (I-SEM) High Level Design decision published17/09/14
[More] Introducing contestability in electricity network connections – call for evidence09/09/14
[More] Regulator welcomes stability in electricity prices03/09/14
[More] Utility Regulator publishes quarterly retail energy market monitoring report29/08/14
[More] Proposed modification to NIE’s Payment Security Policy28/08/14
[More] UR comment on SSE Airtricity gas tariff announcement28/08/14
[More] Utility Regulator consults on new gas supply licence for Power NI Energy Limited20/08/14
[More] UR consults on preferred applicant in Gas to the West competition12/08/14
[More] UR consults on AGU - DSU licensing arrangements06/08/14
[More] Network cost allocation research conclusions published05/08/14
[More] UR publishes market update on possible cancellation of remaining GUAs31/07/14