We are an independent non-ministerial government department set up to ensure the effective regulation of the Electricity, Gas and Water and Sewerage industries in Northern Ireland.


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Title Date
[More] Decision paper published on revised electricity and gas licence fee methodology26/09/16
[More] Notice of decision to modify the electricity supply licence held by Gaelectric Green Energy Limited20/09/16
[More] Gas distribution networks price control (GD17) for the period 2017-2022 published15/09/16
[More] Information note published on the regulated electricity entitlement values for 2016/201707/09/16
[More] Utility Regulator grants electricity supply licence to LCC Group Limited (trading as Go Power)01/09/16
[More] Latest quarterly transparency report on NI’s retail energy market published31/08/16
[More] Summary paper on the minimum standards required from energy supplier Codes of Practice31/08/16
[More] Consultation on extension to the gas supply licence held by firmus energy (supply) Ltd26/08/16
[More] Utility Regulator grants licence to Teiges Mountain Wind Farm Limited17/08/16
[More] Update on the Northern Ireland Sustainable Energy Programme12/08/16
[More] Notice of proposal to modify Gaelectric Green Energy Limited’s electricity supply licence12/08/16
[More] Consultation on a New Supplier Code of Practice on Bills and Statements10/08/16
[More] Latest Annual Transparency Report on NI’s retail energy market published05/08/16
[More] UR consults on new electricity supply licence for LCC Group LTD (t/a Go Power)01/08/16
[More] Consent to assignment of LCC Power Limited’s gas supply licence to LCC Group Limited28/07/16
[More] UR grants electricity supply licence to Brookfield Green Energy NI Limited27/07/16
[More] Decision paper on NIE Networks licence modifications published27/07/16
[More] Outcome of gas capacity exit review published18/07/16
[More] Consultation launched on energy theft codes of practice18/07/16
[More] Consultation on revised electricity and gas licence fee methodology15/07/16
[More] Contestability in electricity connections - consultation on charging methodology by SONI04/07/16
[More] Notices of decision on modifications to SONI TSO and MO licences to implement I-SEM01/07/16
[More] UR publishes Gas Transmission Price Control approach document30/06/16
[More] Consultation on proposed electricity generation licence for Teiges Mountain Wind Farm Limited30/06/16
[More] Decision to modify the rate of return licence condition in BGE(UK)’s gas conveyance licence29/06/16
[More] Fuel Switching Agreements Approved29/06/16
[More] NIE Networks proposed licence modification notification on EnergyWise28/06/16
[More] UR grants licence to Hunters Hill Wind Farm Ltd Crockdun Site23/06/16
[More] Proposed modifications to the distribution licence of NIE Networks22/06/16
[More] Consultation on proposal to grant electricity supply licence to Brookfield Green Energy NI Limited21/06/16
[More] Consultation published on the Utility Regulator’s competition guidelines10/06/16
[More] Consultation on the draft determination for SSE Airtricity and firmus energy supply price controls10/06/16
[More] Utility Regulator grants extension to SSE Airtricity’s gas supply licence09/06/16
[More] UR decision on modifications to gas and electricity licences03/06/16
[More] Consultation on Power NI supply price control 2017 (SPC17)03/06/16
[More] Market for electricity connections by an alternative provider now open03/06/16
[More] Latest quarterly transparency report on NI’s retail energy market published31/05/16
[More] Joint consultation on EnergyWise energy efficiency scheme18/05/16
[More] Final modifications to the PPB annex of the Power NI electricity supply licence11/05/16
[More] NI Water licence modifications published10/05/16