We are an independent non-ministerial government department set up to ensure the effective regulation of the Electricity, Gas and Water and Sewerage industries in Northern Ireland.


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Title Date
[More] Latest quarterly transparency report on NI’s retail energy market published28/08/15
[More] Proposed modification to the PPB annex of the Power NI electricity supply licence25/08/15
[More] Revocation of Quinn Energy Supply Limited electricity supply licence18/08/15
[More] Consultation: Modification to SSE Airtricity Gas Supply (NI) and Vayu Limited supply licences13/08/15
[More] Decision on reporting and tariff changes to SONI’s transmission licence05/08/15
[More] Decision: changes to gas and electricity licences regarding appeals to the CMA04/08/15
[More] Decision paper published on the introduction of contestability in electricity connections31/07/15
[More] Decision: Gas extension to licenced area of firmus energy (Distribution) Ltd – Moy & Benburb wards30/07/15
[More] Utility Regulator consults on new gas supply licence for SSE Energy Supply Limited24/07/15
[More] Enforcement Procedure and Financial Penalties Policy consultation published09/07/15
[More] Recruitment of non-executive members to the Utility Regulator board02/07/15
[More] Power NI - Power Procurement Business price control final determination published01/07/15
[More] Codes of Practice for energy suppliers on minimum standards published30/06/15
[More] Retail Energy Market Monitoring (REMM) final decisions published30/06/15
[More] Consultation on licence modifications to SONI transmission licence29/06/15
[More] Technical consultation on gas ‘forecasting party’ options26/06/15
[More] NISEP decision published26/06/15
[More] Seasonal factors final determination22/06/15
[More] Consultation to extend the licence area of firmus energy (Distribution) Limited22/06/15
[More] Consultation on proposed electricity generation licence for Altamuskin Wind Farm Limited19/06/15
[More] Consultation on price control modification for firmus Energy Limited licence17/06/15
[More] Decision on gas distribution and supply licence modifications12/06/15
[More] Utility Regulator consults on proposed transactional charges associated with electricity metering05/06/15
[More] Consultation on proposed electricity generation licence for Hunters Hill Wind Farm Limited05/06/15
[More] Consultation on proposed electricity generation licence for Lightsource Renewable Energy05/06/15
[More] Contestability implementation timelines published02/06/15
[More] Utility Regulator publishes retail energy market monitoring report01/06/15
[More] Utility Regulator grants DSU licenses to iPower Solutions Limited29/05/15
[More] Demand Side Unit decision paper and licences published27/05/15
[More] Utility Regulator grants electricity generation licence to Seagronan Wind Farm Limited19/05/15
[More] GD17 Business Plan data template published14/05/15
[More] Decision on high pressure conveyance licences published14/05/15
[More] NEMO invitation and consultation on TSO obligations under CACM14/05/15
[More] UR publishes proposed next steps paper on introducing contestability in electricity connections11/05/15
[More] Consultation on proposed electricity generation licence for Lightsource Renewable Energy Limited11/05/15
[More] Consultation on proposed licenses for Activation Energy DSU Limited11/05/15
[More] Utility Regulator launches licence modification and appeals consultation01/05/15
[More] Information note published on phase 2 of the review of the effectiveness of competition01/05/15
[More] UR consults on short-term gas entry capacity tariffs29/04/15
[More] Utility Regulator publishes paper to comply with European infrastructure regulation23/04/15