We are an independent non-ministerial government department set up to ensure the effective regulation of the Electricity, Gas and Water and Sewerage industries in Northern Ireland.


Draft Forward Work Plan 2013-14 published for consultation


The draft Forward Work Plan (FWP) sets out the projects that we propose to undertake during 2013-14.

We have finite resources to carry out our work.  The FWP prioritises those non-routine projects that we are able to undertake within existing resources.

In particular, we would like to receive stakeholder comments on:

(1) whether we have prioritised the right projects;
(2) whether there are other projects that should be included;
(3) any objections to our proposed projects; and
(4) any other comments.

We would like to hear what our stakeholders have to say.  Please send your comments by 18 January 2013 at the latest to elena.ardines@uregni.gov.uk.

We intend to hold a briefing during the consultation period, on the 17 December 2012, at 3.30 p.m. at our premises.  This will be an opportunity to discuss the contents of the draft FWP. Please, let us know before Friday 14 December, by contacting us (see below for details), if you wish to attend.

A paper copy of the draft FWP can be obtained from:
Elena Ardines
Strategy Branch
The Utility Regulator
Queens House
14 Queen Street
E-mail: elena.ardines@uregni.gov.uk
Telephone: 028 9031 6352

After the consultation, we will publish a final FWP by 31 March 2013.
Copies of the document will be made available in a range of accessible formats on request.