Price Controls

Electricity Supply Price Control

One of our core functions is to ensure that utility companies who have a monopoly position act efficiently. A company has a monopoly when they control the industry or are the only company to supply a product or service to the market. Before Airtricity entered the domestic electricity market, Power NI (formerly called NIE Energy) was the monopoly (i.e. the only) supplier in Northern Ireland. To ensure a monopoly company acts efficiently, we apply incentive regulation to protect the interests of consumers.

Even though there is competition in the domestic electricity market, we think there is not sufficient competition to allow the market to operate unregulated. Therefore, we continue to price control Power NI to ensure that consumers pay the lowest possible price for their electricity.

We published the price control for 2011-13 in October 2011. We are currently working on the next supply price control.

Previous price controls can be found below:

Supply Price Control 2010-2011