We are an independent non-ministerial government department set up to ensure the effective regulation of the Electricity, Gas and Water and Sewerage industries in Northern Ireland.

Retail Energy Market Monitoring and Reports

One of our statutory functions is to keep the development of the retail energy sector in Northern Ireland under review.

An important aspect of the monitoring of the retail energy market is the collection, analysis and publication of key basic information of the sector.  We collect and publish retail market information through the REMM (Retail Energy Market Monitoring) framework. We published in June 2015 the final decisions on REMM, after a consultation period in which engagement with stakeholders was an essential part of the process. 

The final decisions on the REMM framework included a set of templates for completion and submission of the information by energy suppliers and network companies. These templates are as follows:

Template gas network companies
Template electricity network company
Template gas supply companies - annual
Template gas supply companies - quarterly
Template electricity supply companies - annual
Template electricity supply companies - quarterly

Final decisions also include specific methodology for the calculation of retail margins.

* Please note that this methodology has been amended since its publication in June 2015. In page 5, where it said “Revenues should be presented inclusive of VAT”, it says now “Revenues should be presented exclusive of VAT”.


We publish some of the information we collect in the form of monitoring reports that aim at increasing transparency over the retail energy markets. The Quarterly Transparency Reports (QTRs) and Annual Transparency Reports (ATRs) provide a range of information about the retail energy market in Northern Ireland. The data included in these reports come mainly from network companies, energy suppliers, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and Eurostat.

  Transparency Reports 2016

  Transparency Reports 2015

  Transparency Reports 2014 

  Transparency Reports 2013

  Transparency Reports 2012

  Previous Transparency Reports

We use this information internally to better understand the progress and impact of supply competition, build knowledge for regulatory decisions, comply with EU Third Package mandatory requirements on market monitoring, allow other interested stakeholders to understand more readily the activity within our energy markets, and to help promote the interests of consumers.

We would welcome comments on the contents/structure of these series of reports. Please send comments or suggestions to:

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