Proposed Modification of Gas Conveyance Licences to Implement Decision on Harmonised Transmission Tariff

15 February 2019

Gas flame

Today the Utility Regulator publishes its consultation on and notice of proposed modifications to the gas conveyance licences held by Belfast Gas Transmission Ltd, GNI (UK) Ltd, Premier Transmission Ltd, and West Transmission Ltd.

The proposed modifications will facilitate compliance with the requirements of EU Regulation 2017/460, the Network Code on Harmonised Transmission Tariff Structures for Gas (“TAR NC”) in two main ways:

•         Modifications regarding the consultation and publication of the seasonal multiplier factors. Seasonal multipliers factors apply to non-annual entry capacity products, for example monthly or daily capacity bookings, by applying a multiplier which either increases or decreases the relevant proportion of the annual tariff.

•         Modifications to implement the UR decision on changing the capacity commodity split, which determines how transmission revenue is allocated between a charge for the use of the pipeline and a charge for the units of gas which pass through the pipeline.

The relevant documents can be accessed in the consultation section of our website.