Quick Check 101

Quick Check 101


What is Quick Check 101?

Quick Check 101, is an initiative run by the Police Service of Northern Ireland supported by the Utility Regulator and energy and water companies to help protect against bogus callers. The majority of callers to your home will be there for genuine reasons. However, there are those who may pose as official callers from energy or water companies to try and trick their way into your home.

If someone calls at your home claiming to be from an energy or water company you can phone 101 (the police non-emergency number) to check that the caller is who they say they are.  

The energy and water companies included in the scheme are: Budget Energy, Click Energy, Electric Ireland, firmus energy, NI Water, NIE Networks, Phoenix Natural Gas, Power NI, SGN Natural Gas and SSE Airtricity.

When you phone 101, your call will be answered by a trained police call handler who will take the details of the company which the caller claims to be working for. The call handler will then contact the energy or water company to determine whether the caller is genuine.

If the caller to your home is not who they say they are or you think that there is something suspicious, the call handler will be able to send the police directly to you.

Advice for dealing with unexpected callers to your house claiming to be from an energy or water company

  • Callers to your door should always be asked for proof of identity. Genuine callers will be happy to provide this information and to wait outside the property until it is verified. No caller should be given access to the property until the householder is sure they are genuine.
  • Never leave doors unlocked and do not leave keys in an unsafe place (such as under doormats or flower pots).
  • Follow this advice when answering the door:
    • Before answering the front door, make sure the back door is locked.
    • If you have a door chain, remember to use it before opening the door. If you don’t have a door chain, it’s recommended you get one installed.
    • Ask the caller for their identification and check it carefully.
    • Ask them to wait outside and close the door - genuine callers will not mind waiting.
    • Ring Quick Check on 101. The call will be answered personally and promptly by a trained police call handler. They will check with the company that the person at the door is genuine. If they are not or they think that there is something suspicious, the operator will be able to send the police to you.
    • Do not let anyone into the property until you are satisfied as to who they are.