REMM and Market Information

One of our statutory functions is to keep the development of the retail energy sector in Northern Ireland under review.

The Retail Energy Market Monitoring Framework was introduced in June 2015, following engagement with stakeholders, and this is the framework used for the collection, analysis and publication of key retail information.  As a result we have improved dataflows between the regulate companies and the UR.  The companies have clarity around the information requirements and associated timelines for return.  Consumers benefit from better regulation capabilities within the UR based on consistent and high quality returns, and from increased transparency of retail energy market information.  REMM is a robust and useful took for informing policy and ensuring the highest levels of consumer protection and we aim to continue to work with all our stakeholders to ensure that it is delivered and reported on effectively.

REMM templates

The final decisions on the REMM framework included a set of templates for completion and submission of the information by energy suppliers and network companies. These templates are as follows:

Final decisions also include specific methodology for the calculation of retail margins.