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Title Date
[More] Regulator initiates inquiry in response to business concerns on electricity bills11/11/09
[More] Utility Regulator announces lineup for its Investing in the Future seminar series05/11/09
[More] Review of Supplier TUoS Launched by SONI03/11/09
[More] Utility Regulator publishes its draft Forward Work Plan 2010-11 for consultation28/10/09
[More] Electricity Generation Licences Consultation23/10/09
[More] Utility Regulator and CER Publish Common Arrangements for Gas Retail Alignment IT Assessment Report15/10/09
[More] Regulatorís scrutiny secured £16 million of efficiency savings14/10/09
[More] Tender Invitation - Understanding Customer Views on the Guaranteed Standards Scheme13/10/09
[More] Utility Regulator Publishes a Decision Paper on PAYG Meters in Northern Ireland12/10/09
[More] The Utility Regulator Consults on the Northern Ireland Fuel Security Code28/09/09
[More] Regulator consults on proposals to reduce NI Water costs and enhance services18/09/09
[More] Regulator consults on proposals to reduce NI Water costs and enhance services18/09/09
[More] Utility Regulator Publishes Decision Paper on Framework for the NISEP15/09/09
[More] Utility Regulator publishes decision paper on NIE Energy Ltd (PPB) price control15/09/09
[More] Regulator welcomes further fall in electricity prices15/09/09
[More] Utility Regulator comments on firmus price decrease15/09/09
[More] Information Note - Reason Behind Increases in PSO, DUoS, TUoS and SSS11/09/09
[More] Utility Regulator Publishes Responses to Consultation on NISEP Framework Document11/09/09
[More] Regulator Announces Appointment of New Electricity Director11/09/09
[More] NIE Energy Licence Modification Notice10/09/09
[More] The impact of the recession on wholesale costs a key driver for gas bill reduction, says Regulator10/09/09
[More] Common Arrangements for Gas Security of Supply Conclusions Paper09/09/09
[More] SEMO Price Control 2009-10 Decision Paper Published28/08/09
[More] Utility Regulator publishes Modification Notice to NIE plc Transmission Licence27/08/09
[More] Stakeholder Forum Presentation26/08/09
[More] Utility Regulator Publishes Interim Market Arrangements25/08/09
[More] Utility Regulator Grants Supply Licence to Airtricity Energy Supply Ltd20/08/09
[More] Utility Regulator Publishes Responses to Energy Retail Competition Consultation18/08/09
[More] Utility Regulator Publishes Social Action Plan Decision Paper 2009-201211/08/09
[More] Utility Regulator Consults on New Electricity Supply Licence07/08/09
[More] Supplier of Last Resort in Northern Irelandís Electricity Market - Decision Paper05/08/09
[More] Retail Tariff Timetable - Third and Final Update on Hedging and Workplan31/07/09
[More] Utility Regulator Publishes Consultation Paper on Framework Document for the NISEP (formerly the EEL24/07/09
[More] The Utility Regulator publishes consultation paper on Gas Storage Regulatory Framework22/07/09
[More] Utility Regulator Publishes Consultation on SEMO Revenue and Tariffs 2009-201020/07/09
[More] Utility Regulator Consults on NIE Energy Licence Modification10/07/09
[More] Retail Tariff Timetable - Second Update on Hedging and Workplan10/07/09
[More] The Utility Regulator and the CER are today publishing the Joint Capacity Statement 200910/07/09
[More] Utility Regulator Consults on New Electricity Licences10/07/09
[More] Regulatory Authorities Publish Consultations on BNE Peaking Plant and Capacity Requirement for 201001/07/09