We are an independent non-ministerial government department set up to ensure the effective regulation of the Electricity, Gas and Water and Sewerage industries in Northern Ireland.


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Title Date
[More] Freeze/Thaw Recovery Action Plan - formal commitment08/07/11
[More] CAG 2012 Code Capacity Business Rules consultation07/07/11
[More] CAG Tariff Work Stream - Notice of Extension of Consultation Periods06/07/11
[More] Implementation of IME3 consultation and NI Domestic Market Opening - Six Month Review Findings Paper01/07/11
[More] Regulatory Approach to Energy Supply Competition in N.I : Position paper for consultation01/07/11
[More] Second update on NIEES hedging and tariff timetable update01/07/11
[More] Minded to Position on the Third Price Control for Phoenix Supply Ltd30/06/11
[More] Consultation Paper on Treatment of Network Tariffs for Gas Storage30/06/11
[More] CAG Project Information Session 16th June 201130/06/11
[More] CAG Workshop Information Note30/06/11
[More] Common Arrangements for Gas (CAG) 2012 Code High Level Principles15/06/11
[More] Harmonisation of All-Island Moffat Entry Tariff Structures - Consultation Paper14/06/11
[More] Utility Regulator consults on modifications to NI Water Licence13/06/11
[More] UR publishes SNIP consultation paper10/06/11
[More] Utility Regulator grants gas supply licence to ESB Independent Energy (NI) Ltd10/06/11
[More] First update on NIEES hedging and tariff timetable09/06/11
[More] NIEES Supply Price Control 2011-2013 - consultation extended09/06/11
[More] CAG (Common Arrangements for Gas) Project Detailed Work Plan08/06/11
[More] CAG Information Session 16th June 201108/06/11
[More] Utility Regulator publishes retail energy market monitoring report01/06/11
[More] Utility Regulator consults on NIEES Supply Price Control 2011-201320/05/11
[More] NIE Paper on Capital Investment Requirements for RP516/05/11
[More] NIE Price Control (RP5) - Strategy Paper Update Published11/05/11
[More] NI Electricity Distribution System Connection Policy - Next Steps Paper10/05/11
[More] Utility Regulator publishes NISEP list of schemes 2011-1206/05/11
[More] SONI Price Control Decision Paper 2010-201506/05/11
[More] Responses - NI Distribution System Connection Policy Consultation (15 Nov 2010)22/04/11
[More] Decision Paper Published on Charges for “Clustering’’ on the NI Distribution System22/04/11
[More] Decision Announced - Supplier Transmission Use of System Charging22/04/11
[More] Licence Grant Consultation Opens22/04/11
[More] Regulator comments on Phoenix Supply Ltd tariff announcement21/04/11
[More] Decision paper published on electricity licence fees15/04/11
[More] Common Arrangements for Gas (CAG) Briefing Note on the High Level Work Plan08/04/11
[More] Utility Regulator consults on new gas supply licence for ESB Independent Energy (NI) Limited05/04/11
[More] Annual Report for the Energy Efficency Levy (now NISEP) 2009/1031/03/11
[More] Regulated gas tariff review extended14/03/11
[More] Electricity generation licence consultation opens11/03/11
[More] Consultation opens on possible Generating Unit Agreement cancellation10/03/11
[More] Consultation on gas supplier of last resort guiding considerations for implementation08/03/11
[More] Utility Regulator publishes freeze/thaw incident report03/03/11