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Title Date
[More] Launch of SEMO Price Control Consultation06/08/10
[More] Third update on ESBCS/NIEES hedging and tariff timetable update30/07/10
[More] 2010 Joint Gas Capacity Statement26/07/10
[More] Land Bank Consultation - closing date reminder20/07/10
[More] NIE T&D Fifth Price Control - Strategy Paper09/07/10
[More] Utility Regulator comments on the sale of NIE’s network business07/07/10
[More] Utility Regulator Approves Prepayment Customer Switching Project06/07/10
[More] Second update on ESBCS/NIEES hedging and tariff timetable25/06/10
[More] Modification Committee Consultation on Global Aggregation23/06/10
[More] Launch of the Buyer’s Guide and Briefing on Regulated Electricity Tariffs15/06/10
[More] Consumer research report on electricity supply companies published14/06/10
[More] Decision paper on the cancellation of generating unit agreements in Northern Ireland10/06/10
[More] Helping Customers Avoid/Manage Debt09/06/10
[More] Information Note on the First PES Hedging Workplan28/05/10
[More] Publication of responses to ‘assisting vulnerable customers with energy affordibility’ consultation28/05/10
[More] Publication of research into utility customer views on the Guaranteed Standards Scheme28/05/10
[More] Utility Regulator welcomes the start of competition in the domestic electricity market25/05/10
[More] Update on Phoenix Natural Gas Limited Price Control24/05/10
[More] Utility Regulator Opens Landbank Consultation14/05/10
[More] Consumers to benefit as Regulator announces intention to cancel power generation contracts12/05/10
[More] Single Electricity Market continues to deliver benefits to energy consumers11/05/10
[More] 2010 Retail Tariff Timetable - information note10/05/10
[More] Consultation on NISEP Draft Framework Document26/04/10
[More] NIE Easter storm damage - Utility Regulator comment20/04/10
[More] Review of the Market Development Aspects of Firmus Energy Price Control19/04/10
[More] Utility Regulator to refer PC10 Determination to Competition Commission07/04/10
[More] Utility Regulator publishes Gas Storage Regulatory Framework Conclusions Paper31/03/10
[More] NIE Energy (PPB) Licence Modification Consultation31/03/10
[More] 2010-11 Forward Work Plan Published31/03/10
[More] OFGEM Publishes 2008/09 ROC Annual Report30/03/10
[More] Publication of Second Consultation on Cancellation of Generating Unit Agreements in Northern Ireland29/03/10
[More] Consultation on Proposed Electricity Licence Opens29/03/10
[More] Regulator to lead efforts to help business consumers benefit more from electricity competition18/03/10
[More] Utility Regulator publishes determination on NIE Energy Supply Price Control 2010/1116/03/10
[More] Comment on the dismissal of NI Water board members12/03/10
[More] Debt Survey Launched by Utility Regulator11/03/10
[More] Modifications - ‘Provision & Return of Meters’ in the Gas Conveyance Licences25/02/10
[More] Utility Regulator Chairman re-appointed for a further term24/02/10
[More] Utility Regulator to develop code of practice to protect energy consumers from debt17/02/10
[More] General Invite to the Workshop for Developing a Demand Side Vision for Ireland in 202015/02/10