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Title Date
[More] PC10 Agreement - Joint Utility Regulator NI Water statement23/12/10
[More] NI Water ‘making real progress, but challenges remain’ says Utility Regulator14/12/10
[More] Consultation on proposed gas licence13/12/10
[More] Utility Regulator announces appointment of new Chief Executive08/12/10
[More] Forward Work Programme workshop, 7 December 201002/12/10
[More] Workshop on the Forward Work Programme 2011-1226/11/10
[More] Consultation on Proposed Electricity Licences Opens19/11/10
[More] NIE’s Review of the 30 March 2010 Ice Storm15/11/10
[More] Consultation Opens on Electricity Connection Policy for the NI Distribution System15/11/10
[More] Updated work programme for the six-month review of the domestic electricity market opening12/11/10
[More] Utility Regulator publishes the first edition of ‘UR News’10/11/10
[More] Utility Regulator publishes its second annual Energy Retail Report09/11/10
[More] Work programme published for the six-month review of the opening of the domestic market05/11/10
[More] Utility Regulator welcomes the start of competition in the domestic gas market02/11/10
[More] Utility Regulator publishes its draft Forward Work Plan 2011-12 for consultation27/10/10
[More] Utility Regulator Publishes Increase to Domestic Electricity Switching Capacity21/10/10
[More] Land Bank consultation responses published20/10/10
[More] Utility Regulator chairman awarded major European water industry prize15/10/10
[More] Utility Regulator chief executive to take up major role at UK-wide regulator06/10/10
[More] Utility Regulator publishes consultation paper on electricity licence fee methodology01/10/10
[More] Utility Regulator says ‘no change on gas prices a good outcome for consumers at this time’16/09/10
[More] NISEP Call For Schemes April 2011-March 201214/09/10
[More] NIEES License Modification14/09/10
[More] Regulator welcomes stability in electricity prices14/09/10
[More] Utility Regulator Publishes Decision on Consultation on Gas Regulation (EC) No. 1775/200510/09/10
[More] Regulator clocks up £210 million of efficiency savings for Northern Ireland consumers08/09/10
[More] Extension to Supplier TUoS Consultation Paper03/09/10
[More] Fourth update on ESBCS/NIEES hedging and tariff timetable update27/08/10
[More] Consultation on relinquishing of firmus Energy’s supply exclusivity to 10 towns24/08/10
[More] NISEP Framework Document Decision Paper24/08/10
[More] Fuel Mix Disclosure 200924/08/10
[More] Regulated Tariff Information18/08/10
[More] Consultation on the SEM Demand Side Vision for 202017/08/10
[More] Utility Regulator publishes its report on NI Water’s Scheme of Charges for 2009-10 and 2010-1116/08/10
[More] Notice of Modification of NIE Energy’s Electricity Supply License12/08/10
[More] Utility Regulator announces a reduction of over 10% in electricity network and PSO tariffs12/08/10
[More] SONI Consultation - Supplier TUoS12/08/10
[More] Consultation on Gas Regulation (EC) No 1775/2005 - Article 6(4) - Transmission System06/08/10
[More] Regulated Tariff Values Information06/08/10
[More] Launch of SEMO Price Control Consultation06/08/10