We are an independent non-ministerial government department set up to ensure the effective regulation of the Electricity, Gas and Water and Sewerage industries in Northern Ireland.


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Title Date
[More] Utility Regulator introduces Energy Regulatory Letters25/06/12
[More] Presentation available from the RP5 stakeholder events in June 201218/06/12
[More] Proposed modification to Airtricity’s gas supply licence15/06/12
[More] Utility Regulator briefing on regulated electricity tariffs13/06/12
[More] PTL and BGTL shadow price control proposed allowance 2011-12/2013-1412/06/12
[More] Regulator hosts workshop on extending gas network in Northern Ireland11/06/12
[More] Utility Regulator’s decision paper for supplier of last resort in gas11/06/12
[More] Quarterly transparency report on retail energy market in NI published28/05/12
[More] Regulator consults on Gas Licence Fee Methodology25/05/12
[More] Utility Regulator announces workshop on natural gas extension22/05/12
[More] Consultation on the access regime for the proposed Islandmagee gas storage facility18/05/12
[More] Gas regulation infringement: consultation on tariffs for new products and licence modifications18/05/12
[More] Decision paper published on ‘regulatory approach to energy supply competition in NI’18/05/12
[More] Regulator seeks views on gas to the west process and regulatory issues16/05/12
[More] Regulator comments on the purchase of Phoenix Supply Ltd by SSE plc (Airtricity)16/05/12
[More] Work-plan published to support gas storage facilities10/05/12
[More] Conclusions paper on virtual reverse flow rules and new entry point on the south-north pipeline10/05/12
[More] Final proposals for guaranteed service standards for gas customers04/05/12
[More] Utility Regulator cancels Generating Unit Agreements30/04/12
[More] PPB price control decision - Article 14 Notice - consultation on licence modification changes26/04/12
[More] Consultation on initial proposals for the BGE(NI) price control on operating expenditure19/04/12
[More] Regulator launches consultation on NIE T&D price control proposals19/04/12
[More] Licence modifications to SONI’s transmission system operator licence18/04/12
[More] Decision paper published on electricity connection policy18/04/12
[More] Consultation: gas regulation infringement06/04/12
[More] Gas papers: gas regulation infringement06/04/12
[More] Extension and modification to seven gas supply licences03/04/12
[More] Consultation on global settlement in the SEM for Northern Ireland02/04/12
[More] Implementation of the EU Third Internal Energy Package - Consumer Protection & Gas Distribution02/04/12
[More] 2012-13 Forward Work Programme (FWP) Published30/03/12
[More] Notice of extension to the licence area of Phoenix Natural Gas Limited29/03/12
[More] Regulator refers the price control of Phoenix Natural Gas Limited to the Competition Commission29/03/12
[More] NI Water released from Regulator undertakings28/03/12
[More] Gas Consultation Papers:  Regulation (EC) 1775/2005 infringement08/03/12
[More] Gas Storage Licence Conclusions Paper07/03/12
[More] Consultation to modify the Licence held by Bord Gais Eireann - Firmus Energy (Distribution) Limited01/03/12
[More] Consultation to modify current Gas licences within Northern Ireland01/03/12
[More] Utility Regulator welcomes price decrease announced by Phoenix Supply Ltd23/02/12
[More] Gas Supply Licence Extension and Modification Notice14/02/12
[More] Consultation to Extend the Licence Area of Phoenix Natural Gas Limited14/02/12