We are an independent non-ministerial government department set up to ensure the effective regulation of the Electricity, Gas and Water and Sewerage industries in Northern Ireland.

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RP5 draft determination response - Advice NI23/10/12
RP5 Appendix L: Terms of reference for the reporter23/10/12
RP5 Appendix K: Annex 2 tables (tax entitlement)23/10/12
RP5 Appendix K: Annex 2 tables (Depreciation)23/10/12
RP5 Appendix J: Pensions methodology23/10/12
RP5 Appendix H: Comments on responses to draft determination on Fund 3 approach23/10/12
RP5 Appendix I: Real Price Effects23/10/12
RP5 Appendix G: Comments on responses to draft determination on capitalisation practice23/10/12
RP5 Appendix F: Comments on other responses to RP5 draft determination23/10/12
RP5 Appendix E: Comments on NIE T&D response to RP5 draft determination23/10/12
RP5 Appendix C: Statutory Duties23/10/12
RP5 Appendix B: Process followed for RP523/10/12
RP5 Appendix A: Glossary23/10/12
RP5 Final Determination Main Paper23/10/12
RP5 Final Determination Executive Summary23/10/12
Viridian Energy Supply Ltd (t-a Energia)  licence - 13091213/09/12
Vayu Limited licence - 13091213/09/12
Quinn Energy Supply Ltd licence - 13091213/09/12
AES Ballylumford (formerly Premier Power Limited) licence - 13091213/09/12
Power NI (formerly NIE Energy Ltd) licence -13091213/09/12
ONI Electricity licence - 13091213/09/12
LCC Power Ltd licence - 13091213/09/12
firmus energy licence - 13091213/09/12
Electric Ireland licence - 13091213/09/12
Electricity Supply Board licence - 13091213/09/12
Budget Energy licence - 13091213/09/12
Airtricity licence 13091213/09/12
Electricity Supply Licence - Phoenix Supply Ltd - 13-09-1213/09/12
2012-09-11 - RGLG Terms of Reference11/09/12
RGLG Minutes 11 September 201211/09/12
Draft determination - NIE capitalisation practice30/08/12
NIE capitalisation practice - consultants report30/08/12
RP5 Capex - Fund 3 Consultation - Final for Publication29/08/12
Tariff Information Note - Aug 201221/08/12
PPB Price Control - Licence Modification Notice - Signed13/08/12
Briefing on regulated tariff outlook 2012/1328/06/12
RP5 Industry Briefing13/06/12
RP5 UR-CCNI Briefing12/06/12
RP5 Renewables Briefing07/06/12
The Utility Regulator’s open letter on the ongoing generator connection process11/05/12