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Demand Side Vision for 2020 - Consultation Paper17/08/10
Modification Notice Article 14 (2) Replacement Annex 212/08/10
Modification Notice Article 14 (2)12/08/10
Regulated Tariffs Information Note12/08/10
Paper 3 - SEMO Price Control Forward Work Programme 1.006/08/10
SEM-10-050[1] (SEMO Price Control Consultation 2010)06/08/10
Paper 4 - SEMO Price Control Operational Expenditure Ver1.006/08/10
Paper 6 - SEMO Price Control Incentivisation 1.006/08/10
Paper 5 - SEMO Price Control Capital Expenditure ver1.006/08/10
Paper 2 - SEMO Price Control Principles ver 1.006/08/10
Paper 1 - SEMO Price Control Executive Summary v1.006/08/10
Information note - third update on ESBCS/NIEES hedging and tariff timetable30/07/10
CON0310 - Q&A - Set 522/07/10
CON0310 - Q&A - Set 421/07/10
Framework Agreement Consultancy Support for next NIE T&D price control - Q&A Set 314/07/10
Electricity Buyer’s Guide for large users28/06/10
Electricity Buyer’s Guide for small to medium sized enterprises28/06/10
Business electricity tariff briefing presentation - 28.6.1028/06/10
Second update on ESBCS/ NIEES hedging and tariff timetable25/06/10
Consumer Council for Northern Ireland’s guide on switching domestic electricity supplier16/06/10
Consumer research report on electricity supply companies14/06/10
Final decision paper on the cancellation of generating unit agreements in Northern Ireland10/06/10
Framework agreement for consultancy support for the NIE T&D price control09/06/10
Media Q & A - Competition in the Domestic Electricity Market25/05/10
Competition in the Domestic Electricity Market - Joint Consumer Q & A25/05/10
2010 Retail Tariff Timeline10/05/10
NIEE Licence Proposed Annex 4 - Feb 2010 (PPB Price Control)31/03/10
Proposed Annex 3 PPB Price Control Mod Feb 201031/03/10
SSE Response Relevant Considerations For Possible Cancellation of GUAs in NI29/03/10
NIEES Response NIAURs Gen Canc consult Jan1029/03/10
NIE Response Possible Cancellation of GUAs in NI29/03/10
NIAUR GUA Consultation Jan10- SONI Response29/03/10
IWEA response to Consultation on Generating Unit Agreements29/03/10
ESBi response to Coolkeeragh GUA cancellation29/03/10
ESBCS Response to NIAUR Consultation on GUA cancellation Jan1029/03/10
Consumer Council Response Cancellation GUA FINAL29/03/10
AES Response to Cancellation Consultation29/03/10
SSE Renewables Developments (UK) Ltd29/03/10
Business Electricity Inquiry Report - March 201018/03/10
ESBIE response to NIE Energy Supply Price Control 2010/1116/03/10