We are an independent non-ministerial government department set up to ensure the effective regulation of the Electricity, Gas and Water and Sewerage industries in Northern Ireland.

All Electricity publications

Medium Term Plan - Mr Ken McLeod Response22/02/13
Medium Term Plan - Energia Response22/02/13
UR Comments on Medium Term Plan consultation responses22/02/13
Medium Term Plan Decision Paper22/02/13
Medium Term Plan - NIE Response22/02/13
SSE Renewables UK Ltd - Generation Licence Modification Notice15/02/13
RGLG Minutes 23 January 201323/01/13
MG NI 41 Fieldwork Types, Charges and Delivery Time Targets v2.119/12/12
MG NI 34a DUoS Billing Business Specification (TO FOLLOW)19/12/12
MG NI 34 DUoS, Transaction and PSO Billing v2.119/12/12
MG NI 30 Change of Unmetered Inventory v2.119/12/12
MG NI 28 New Technical MPRN v2.119/12/12
MG NI 23 Supplier Data Requests v2.119/12/12
MG NI 22 Customer Data Requests v2.119/12/12
MG NI 19 Terminate Connection v2.119/12/12
MP NI 509 - MEP Certification Market Tests v1.019/12/12
MP NI 508 - MEP Certification Ability Tests v1.019/12/12
MP NI 507 - MEP Market Testing Procedure v1.019/12/12
MP NI 506 - MEP Ability Testing Procedure v1.019/12/12
MP NI 505 - MEP Disputes and Appeals v1.019/12/12
MP NI 504 - MEP Dispensations v1.019/12/12
MP NI 503 - MEP Removal of Certification v1.019/12/12
MP NI 502 - MEP Re-certification v1.019/12/12
MP NI 501 - Market Entry Process (MEP)  v1.019/12/12
MP NI 39 - NI Market Procedures: Glossary of Terms v2.119/12/12
MP NI 38 - Fieldwork Appointments v2.119/12/12
MP NI 37 – Change of Supplier Keypad v2.119/12/12
MP NI 36 - Change of Grouped MPRN v2.119/12/12
MP NI 35 - Change of Metering - Non Interval to Interval v2.119/12/12
MP NI 32 - Changes of Legal Entity Grouped Unmetered v2.119/12/12
MP NI 31 - Unmetered Data Processing v2.119/12/12
MP NI 29 - Change of Supplier Grouped Unmetered v2.119/12/12
MP NI 27 - New Grouped MPRN v2.119/12/12
MP NI 25 - Change of Legal Entity v2.119/12/12
MP NI 20 - Change of SSAC and/or Supplier Unit v2.119/12/12
MP NI 18 – Special Read v2.119/12/12
MP NI 17 - Adjustments to Consumption v2.119/12/12
MP NI 15a Validation, Estimation and Substitution Rules for Interval Data v2.119/12/12
MP NI 15 - Data Processing Interval v2.119/12/12
MP NI 12 - Meter Problems and Damage, Enquiries and Complaints v2.119/12/12