We are an independent non-ministerial government department set up to ensure the effective regulation of the Electricity, Gas and Water and Sewerage industries in Northern Ireland.

All Electricity publications

UR Comments on Medium Term Plan consultation responses22/02/13
Medium Term Plan Decision Paper22/02/13
Medium Term Plan - NIE Response22/02/13
SSE Renewables UK Ltd - Generation Licence Modification Notice15/02/13
RGLG Minutes 23 January 201323/01/13
MG NI 41 Fieldwork Types, Charges and Delivery Time Targets v2.119/12/12
MG NI 34a DUoS Billing Business Specification (TO FOLLOW)19/12/12
MG NI 34 DUoS, Transaction and PSO Billing v2.119/12/12
MG NI 30 Change of Unmetered Inventory v2.119/12/12
MG NI 28 New Technical MPRN v2.119/12/12
MG NI 23 Supplier Data Requests v2.119/12/12
MG NI 22 Customer Data Requests v2.119/12/12
MG NI 19 Terminate Connection v2.119/12/12
MP NI 509 - MEP Certification Market Tests v1.019/12/12
MP NI 508 - MEP Certification Ability Tests v1.019/12/12
MP NI 507 - MEP Market Testing Procedure v1.019/12/12
MP NI 506 - MEP Ability Testing Procedure v1.019/12/12
MP NI 505 - MEP Disputes and Appeals v1.019/12/12
MP NI 504 - MEP Dispensations v1.019/12/12
MP NI 503 - MEP Removal of Certification v1.019/12/12
MP NI 502 - MEP Re-certification v1.019/12/12
MP NI 501 - Market Entry Process (MEP)  v1.019/12/12
MP NI 39 - NI Market Procedures: Glossary of Terms v2.119/12/12
MP NI 38 - Fieldwork Appointments v2.119/12/12
MP NI 37 – Change of Supplier Keypad v2.119/12/12
MP NI 36 - Change of Grouped MPRN v2.119/12/12
MP NI 35 - Change of Metering - Non Interval to Interval v2.119/12/12
MP NI 32 - Changes of Legal Entity Grouped Unmetered v2.119/12/12
MP NI 31 - Unmetered Data Processing v2.119/12/12
MP NI 29 - Change of Supplier Grouped Unmetered v2.119/12/12
MP NI 27 - New Grouped MPRN v2.119/12/12
MP NI 25 - Change of Legal Entity v2.119/12/12
MP NI 20 - Change of SSAC and/or Supplier Unit v2.119/12/12
MP NI 18 – Special Read v2.119/12/12
MP NI 17 - Adjustments to Consumption v2.119/12/12
MP NI 15a Validation, Estimation and Substitution Rules for Interval Data v2.119/12/12
MP NI 15 - Data Processing Interval v2.119/12/12
MP NI 12 - Meter Problems and Damage, Enquiries and Complaints v2.119/12/12
MP NI 11 - Changes to Meter Configuration v2.119/12/12
Market Registration Code (MRC)19/12/12