We are an independent non-ministerial government department set up to ensure the effective regulation of the Electricity, Gas and Water and Sewerage industries in Northern Ireland.

All Electricity publications

Article 10 (4) Notice of proposed licence grant web form - Smulgedon Windfarm Ltd15/08/14
Article 10 (4) Notice of proposed licence grant - Ora More Energy Ltd15/08/14
AGU-DSU Consultation Paper06/08/14
Appendix 1 Electricity Generation Licence for Generator Aggregator06/08/14
Appendix 2 Electricity Generation Licence for Dispatchable Demand Customer06/08/14
2014-07-31 GUA market update31/07/14
Responses to possible cancellation of remaining GUAs31/07/14
Guidance on applying for an electricity licence29/07/14
Letter UR to Moyle - Approve Access Rules25/07/14
Moyle Charging Methodology Statement25/07/14
Moyle Interconnector - Access Rules v4 025/07/14
SONI price control approach information paper09/07/14
Moyle Interconnector TSO certification final decision letter 26 June 201426/06/14
SONI TSO certification final decision letter 26 June 201426/06/14
NIE TSO certification final decision letter 26 June 201426/06/14
SEM-14-046 I-SEM Impact Assessment09/06/14
Assessment of Generation Adequacy SEMC Submission v1 009/06/14
I-SEM Non-Technical Summary (Clean Version) NI09/06/14
SEM-14-045 I-SEM HLD Draft Decision09/06/14
Decision Paper on the Rate of Change of Frequency Grid Code Modification07/05/14
ROCOF consultation responses07/05/14
NIE payment security policy consultation01/04/14
Moyle Interconnector Transmission Licence (updated Nov 2015)28/03/14
NIE Transmission licence (effective 28 March 2014)28/03/14
NIE Distribution licence (effective 28 March 2014)28/03/14
Modified TIA excluding update to section D27/03/14
SSE response to TIA mods27/03/14
Section D - Final agreed timelines27/03/14
UR decision paper - TIA mods for NIE and SONI27/03/14
Potential cancellation of GUAs19/03/14
2014-03-18 - RGLG Final Agreed Minutes18/03/14
ISEM HLD Consultation Document SEM1400805/02/14
Non-Technical Summary to I-SEM Consultation Document UR Final (2)05/02/14
Modified TIA between NIE and SONI proposed modifications22/01/14
Modifications to TIA between NIE and SONI resulting from implementation of IME3 consultation22/01/14
Connection arrangements for offshore generation17/01/14
Moyle Interconnector charging methodology statement15/01/14
Moyle Interconnector access rules15/01/14
Moyle Interconnector access rules approval letter15/01/14
Renewable Integration Status Report - January 201414/01/14