Assisting with Affordability Concerns for Vulnerable Energy Consumers - Consultation Paper

Published: 18 January 2010

Consultation opened on 18 January 2010. Consultation closed 12 April 2010.


Following a request by the Fuel Poverty Taskforce, convened by the Minister for Social Development, the Utility Regulator has prepared a consultation paper to provide an objective analysis on Assisting with Affordability Concerns for Vulnerable Energy Consumers.

Whilst the Utility Regulator does not have a statutory remit to address fuel poverty, we do have certain statutory responsibilities which specifically relate to the protection of consumers.

The aim of the paper is to identify key issues and raise a number of questions that need to be debated and considered in the formulation of policy options for introducing ‘affordability tariffs’ within Northern Ireland’s energy sector. In addition, it will provide a valuable and positive contribution to further discussions on the subject.

We are seeking views from all interested parties.