What we do


Our statutory objectives are to:

  • Protect the short and long-term interests of electricity, gas, water and sewerage consumers with regard to price and quality of service;

  • Promote a robust and efficient water and sewerage industry, where appropriate to deliver high quality services;

  • Promote competition, where appropriate, in the generation, transmission and supply of electricity; and

  • Promote the development and maintenance of an economic and coordinated natural gas industry.

We carry out our work in line with statutory duties set out in:


Our work involves:

  • issuing and maintaining licences for gas, electricity and water companies to operate in Northern Ireland;

  • making sure that these companies meet relevant legislation and licence obligations;

  • challenging these companies to keep the prices they charge as low as they can be;

  • encouraging regulated companies to be more efficient and responsive to customers;

  • working to encourage competition in the gas, electricity, water and sewerage services markets;

  • setting the standards of service which regulated companies provide to customers in Northern Ireland; and

  • acting as an adjudicator on certain customer complaints, disputes and appeals.


In carrying out our work we also take account of the needs of vulnerable consumers.  We also aim to contribute to the promotion of sustainable development in exercising our regulatory duties.