Electricity licences

The Utility Regulator issues licences, subject to the satisfaction of certain criteria, to those who wish to engage in electricity generation or supply. We also ensure that these licences are enforced. Please note that being granted a licence does not mean that we have given any endorsement to the applicant or any associated person, their financial status or their business plan or methods. We do not give any guarantee or warranty that the licensee or any related person is ‘fit and proper’. By applying to us for a licence you agree that the applicant and any related persons agree not to make any representations to the contrary.

The holders of electricity licences are listed below by type of licence.

Supply Licences  

Generation Licences

Demand Side Unit Licences

Other types of licence

Access to statutory register for electricity

The register for electricity will shortly be available online. 

Until then, the register will still be available for inspection as stated below.

The register contains information on electricity licences, licence revocations, licence modifications, directions given and determinations made under a licence. It is available for inspection at the offices of the Utility Regulator, Queens House, 14 Queen Street, Belfast, BT1 6ED. If you want to view the register, please contact Liz Wilkin, 028 9031 6644 (Liz.Wilkin@uregni.gov.uk) to arrange a suitable time to inspect the documentation. If you have a general query about a licence, please email info@uregni.gov.uk.