Applying for a licence

Guidance on applying for a licence for the supply, transmission or generation of electricity

Licence Supply,Transmission or Generation of electricity
Summary Those seeking to supply, transmit or generate electricity may need to first apply for the relevant electricity licence from the Utility Regulator
Application Process

Submitting a licence application

It is strongly advised that applicants make contact with the relevant Utility Regulator staff to discuss licence application(s) and the associated requirements in advance of submitting a completed application.  Please note that being granted a licence does not mean that we have given any endorsement to the applicant or any associated person, their financial status or their business plan or methods. We do not give any guarantee or warranty that the licensee or any related person is ‘fit and proper’. By applying to us for a licence you agree that the applicant and any related persons agree not to make any representations to the contrary.

Those wishing to apply for a licence to supply, transmit or generate electricity can access an application form using the following link:

Applications must include all information required by the Electricity (Applications for Licences and Extensions of Licences) (No. 2) Regulations(Northern Ireland) 2007

The relevant fees for electricity licences are:

  • Supply licence application fee - £100
  • Supply licence grant fee - £1500
  • Generation licence application - £100
  • Generation licence grant fee - £1500

Processing an application submission:

  • Receipt of the application will be acknowledged by email.
  • The applicant shall within 14 days from making the application, publish a copy of the application in the prescribed manner (see regulations above).
  • The Utility Regulator will review the application normally within one month of receipt. The application will be assessed against the requirements stipulated in the regulations (see above). The applicant  may be asked to provide further details if sufficient information is not provided in the original application.
  • If the Utility Regulator is satisfied that the licence should be granted it will place a notification of intention to grant an electricity licence on the Utility Regulator’s website inclusive of the proposed electricity licence. The proposed consultation will run for at least 28 days.
  • The Utility Regulator will review any responses received and if it is satisfied, it will grant the licence. 
  • The Utility Regulator will notify the applicant when the decision has been made.
Other sources of help and advice

For further information see

This site provides access to legislation. Of particular interest to applicants will be:
“The Electricity (Class Exemptions from the Requirement for a Licence) Order (Northern Ireland) 2013”.  This Order sets out the criteria when a licence is not required.

"The Electricity (Applications for Licences and Extensions of Licences) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2007” (as amended). These Regulations are the legal basis for applications for licences and set out the application forms and some guidance around application requirements.

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