Consultation on further licence modifications for the EU Third Internal Energy Package

Published: 20 September 2013

Consultation opened on 20 September 2013. Consultation closed 15 November 2013.


The Utility Regulator today publishes a consultation paper entitled ‘Consultation on measures for the purposes of the EU Third Internal Energy Package’.

The purpose of the paper is to seek views and comments on further licence modifications for the purposes of the Third Energy Package including, in particular, modifications required in relation to the certification of electricity transmission system operators.  Other ‘non-certification’ related modifications to electricity and gas licences are also referenced and a number of these further clarify the requirements of existing provisions in light of feedback received from licence holders. 

Track change versions of the licences affected by the certification related modifications are available below:

* Annex 2A NIE transmission licence
* Annex 2B NIE distribution licence
* Annex 3 SONI licence
* Annex 4 Moyle licence
* Annex 5 timetable for the revised Transmission Interface Agreement

Our preference is for responses to be submitted in electronic format. We will duly consider all representations received on or before the closing date. Please note we may be unable to consider any representations received after this date.