Consultation launched on network code derogations

Published: 01 December 2016

Consultation opened on 01 December 2016. Consultation closed 17 January 2017.


We are consulting on Networks Codes Regulations.

The Utility Regulator has launched a consultation on networks codes regulations.  These regulations require the UR to consult on and publish criteria for granting derogations from the provisions of the regulations. The UR is also seeking to clarify the process for granting derogations relating to technical codes and standards which generation, transmission and distribution licensees are obliged to comply under their licences.

A derogation is a direction from the UR relieving the applicant from its obligation to comply with a technical standard or code which may be required by a licence or by legislation. Derogations are issued in specific circumstances and have a specified duration.

A proposed Guidance Document is included in this consultation paper which seeks to bring together all the requirements for submitting a derogation request and the process the UR will follow when making its decision.

The UR welcomes engagement from all industry and other stakeholders who may have an interest in or be affected by the proposed Guidance Document. We would invite stakeholder views and comments by 5pm on 17 January 2017. It is our preference that responses are sent by email where possible.  Responses should be sent to: