Consultation launched on the proposed approach to NI Water’s PC21 mid-term review


Consultation opened on . Closing date at 12:00.


PC21 is the current price control for NI Water, covering the period April 2021 – March 2027. A mid-term review is now underway and we are consulting on our approach.

Today we are publishing a consultation document (linked below) which sets out our proposed approach for our mid-term review of PC21 and the timescale to completion. PC21 is NI Water’s current and fourth price control period. It covers the six-year period from April 2021 to March 2027.

The approach document builds upon the outline proposals included in our PC21 final determination and explains the extent and scope of the work that will be undertaken through reference to specific elements of the price control.

PC21 is the second of our longer duration price controls and whilst this provides benefits in terms of providing extra time for efficient planning and delivery, it also introduces a degree of uncertainty associated with planning over the long term, particularly in an environment where funding confirmation occurs on an annual basis. A mid-term review was therefore included to address any ongoing uncertainties.

The main reasons for this mid-term review are:

  • To allow us to review the company’s investment proposals and if necessary, make amendments, as a consequence of any changes that might have occurred in the first half of the price control period;
  • to allow us to undertake a determination for elements of the investment programme which were not sufficiently developed at the beginning of the price control period;
  • to provide an opportunity for us to undertake an interim assessment of the company’s delivery against its commitments for the price control period;
  • to allow the outcome of work completed in the early part of the price control period to be used to inform delivery proposals for the remainder of the period; and
  • to allow us to review NI Water’s progress in delivering the key development outputs required to support its investment planning for PC27. 

This consultation provides an opportunity for consumers and stakeholders to comment on our proposals and to inform the final approach adopted for the mid-term review.  We have not posed any specific questions as part of the process and instead invite consumers and stakeholders to express views on any particular aspect of the proposed approach that they wish to.

Written responses to the consultation should be received no later than noon on 26 April 2023. 

Responses should be emailed to and

Copies of all documents will be made available in large print, Braille, audio cassette and a variety of relevant minority languages if required.