Draft NISEP Framework document consultation


Consultation opened on . Closing date at 18:00.


Draft NISEP Framework Document with amendments available for feedback until Friday 6th September 2019.

Along with the Energy Savings Trust (EST) we are providing stakeholders with the opportunity to review and feedback on amendments made to the NISEP Framework Document for 2020/21. A background paper is also provided setting out the changes.

There are a number of amendments and they take into consideration;

  • Experience from running NISEP since last September and the last issue of the Framework Document;
  • Information from the delivery of other schemes, where available;
  • Points from the ‘Call for Evidence’ where it was possible, to include recommendations for change.

Please respond by close of business on Friday 6th September with comments on the proposed changes to nisep@est.org.uk.

The Framework Document will be published towards the end of September when the ‘Call for Schemes’ is issued; therefore, comments will not be accepted beyond this date