Draft price control determination for high pressure gas conveyance network operators published

Published: 16 December 2016

Consultation opened on 16 December 2016. Consultation closed 17 February 2017.


Consultation on draft determination for the next price control for GNI UK, PTL, BGTL and WTL published.

The Utility Regulator today publishes, for consultation, its draft determination for the next price control for the four high pressure gas networks in Northern Ireland (NI):

  • GNI (UK) Limited (GNI (UK))
  • Premier Transmission Limited (PTL)
  • Belfast Gas Transmission Limited (BGTL); and
  • West Transmission Limited (WTL).

This price control, referred to as GT17, relates to the period starting 1 October 2017 until 30 September 2022.

The draft determination sets out our proposals for the amount the holders of NI high pressure gas conveyance licences have to run their businesses and invest in the gas network. Key aspects for the companies are on operating and maintenance/replacement expenditure as well as, for GNI (UK) and WTL, proposed rate of return.

The draft determination also considers the expected impact of these proposals for consumers.

This draft determination consists of:

  • The main draft determination document and
  • Annex 1: Real Price Effects and Frontier Shift.

It follows the publication of

  • our proposed approach for the GT17 price control together with:
  • the reporting template and definitions manual for the business plan submissions on 30 June 2016;
  • submission of responses to our proposed approach by 19 August 2016; and
  • submission of the business plans for the GT17 price control by the holders of NI high pressure gas conveyance licences in September/October 2016.

We have received three responses on our proposed approach for GT17 from MEL, GNI (UK) and the Consumer Council for Northern Ireland. We have considered these responses as part of the GT17 draft determination.

We welcome all views on any particular aspect of the GT17 draft determination or any related matter. Responses should be received on or before 12noon on 17 February 2017.

Email: Gas_networks_responses@uregni.gov.uk with cc to veronika.gallagher@uregni.gov.uk

Our preference would be for responses to be submitted by email.

Copies of the GT17 draft determination can be made available in large print, Braille, audio cassette and a variety of minority languages if required. Please contact Veronika Gallagher on 028 9031 1575 or email: Gas_networks_responses@uregni.gov.uk