Final Consultation Document for FE CMA referral 19 Dec 2017


Consultation opened on . Closing date at 12:00.


The UR published a decision paper on the GD17 licence modifications for FE's gas conveyance licence on 28 October 2016. FE appealed against elements of the GD17 Decision by submitting a Notice of Appeal (NOA) to the CMA on the 25 November 2016, and has commented on these costs as part of that appeal. Our response to the FE submission was submitted on the 19 January 2017. The CMA made its decision on 27 June 2017 following engagement and representations made by firmus energy, CCNI and the UR. This consultation is made pursuant to the CMA final decision for the UR to make a decision on Grounds 2A connection targets and Grounds 2B non additionality. We welcome stakeholder feedback on any aspect of this Consultation document.