Guaranteed Standards of Service (GSS) consultation


Consultation opened on . Closing date at 18:00.


Consultation on our review of electricity guaranteed standards of service (GSS) launched.

Today we are publishing a consultation on our review of the electricity guaranteed standards of service (GSS) which invites stakeholder feedback on our proposals for new GSS regulations which will apply to both electricity supply and distribution companies. This consultation follows on from our call for evidence issued on 24 November 2016. Responses to the call for evidence can be viewed here.

The guaranteed standards of service set out prescribed service levels which individual consumers can expect from electricity companies. They include compensation payment requirements where there has been a failure by the company to adhere to the standards, subject to certain exemptions. 

We have committed to update and revise the current guaranteed standards framework in our Forward Work Plan and Consumer Protection Strategy. We invite responses to this consultation from stakeholders and interested parties to allow us to form a collective perspective on the suitability of our proposals. A questionnaire (Excel 17 KB) has been provided as a form of response to this consultation. 

We welcome responses by 5pm on Wednesday 31 May 2017.

It is our preference that responses are sent by email where possible.  Responses should be sent to:

Laura Kane, Utility Regulator, Queens House, 14 Queen Street, Belfast, BT1 6ED

Email: or

Tel: 028 9031 6357