I-SEM Statutory Consultation on Proposed Modifications to the Moyle Interconnector Transmission Licence

Published: 15 December 2017

Consultation opened on 15 December 2017. Consultation closed 17 January 2018.


Statutory Consultation - Proposed Modifications to the Moyle Interconnector Transmission Licence for the Implementation of I-SEM


In order to give effect to the Integrated Single Electricity Market (I-SEM) as contained in decisions of the SEM Committee, the Utility Regulator today publishes notice of a consultation on licence modifications to the Moyle Interconnector Transmission Licence.

The key modifications are:

• New (and modified) definitions required for I-SEM;

• Requirements to comply with new industry codes;

• Changes to licence conditions relating to Moyle’s revenue streams to reflect new sources of potential income and ensure that these are captured within the scope of the relevant licence conditions;

• Amendments to the prohibited activities licence condition to provide a mechanism for Moyle to obtain written consent from the Authority for certain trading activity;

• An obligation on the licensee to sign up to and comply with the Capacity Market Code insofar as applicable to it; and

• Amendment to the dispute resolution process to reflect the fact that disputes will be subject to the provisions of the Harmonised Allocation Rules.

This statutory consultation relates to Moyle Interconnector Transmission licence modifications necessary for the implementation of I-SEM.

A statutory Article 14 Notice is published along with an Information Paper, a marked-up copy of the Moyle licence and a clean version of the proposed Moyle licence.

A parallel consultation process, led by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU), has been published  with similar licence modifications to the EIDAC Interconnector Licence.

The Utility Regulator requests that representations or objections with respect to the proposed modifications may be made on or before 17:00 on Wednesday 17 January 2018, preferably by email to isemlicences@uregni.gov.uk.

Statutory Notice: Proposed Modifications to Moyle Interconnector Transmission Licence (PDF 1.8 MB)