Review of care registers consultation July 2017


Consultation opened on . Closing date at 16:00.


Today the Utility Regulator is publishing a consultation on our review of the care registers of network companies.

The Utility Regulator today is publishing a consultation on our review the care registers of network companies.

In our Consumer Protection Strategy, we made a commitment to review care registers. These registers are for customers who require additional and special services.  Electricity, gas and water companies all provide certain services to vulnerable customers who choose to be included on care registers. 

This consultation provides information on the care registers operated by the network companies in Northern Ireland and also includes proposals for improvements in promotion and data sharing.  The paper focuses on electricity and water network companies care registers.  We have focused on these care registers first due to the urgent nature of the care provided.  Gas network care registers will be considered when we review supply company care registers as a follow–on project.

We invite responses on the proposals and associated outcomes included in this care register review.

It is our preference that responses are sent by email where possible.