Utility Regulator's draft Corporate Strategy 2024-2029


Consultation opened on . Closing date at 17:00.


Our consultation provides an opportunity for everyone to make their views known on 'Protecting Consumers on the way to Net Zero'.

The Utility Regulator launches a consultation on ‘Protecting Consumers on the way To Net Zero’, its draft Corporate Strategy for 2024-2029.

Utility Regulator Chair, Dr Bill Emery said:

“At a time of profound challenges for the energy and water sectors as they each address the impact of climate change,  we are determined that we and the enterprises we regulate will meet these challenges head on. Protecting Consumers on the way to Net Zero is an ambitious strategy aimed at supporting the delivery of net zero targets while ensuring a just transition, that is fair to all and protects current and future consumers.

“While it is critical that homes and businesses continue to enjoy a secure energy and water supply, our ambitious vision is that Northern Ireland consumers are also served by best in class energy and water companies.

“We recognise that we have a vital role to play in Protecting Consumers on the way to Net Zero, and we want to be a best practice, pro-active, can-do regulator that makes a difference to energy and water consumers at a time of considerable change."

John French, Chief Executive of the Utility Regulator said:

“We have reached an exciting milestone in the development of our Corporate Strategy.  In developing our strategy we have already benefitted from the contributions from a series of stakeholder events.

"Our consultation provides an opportunity for everyone to make their views known on Protecting Consumers on the way to Net Zero. We want you to make your views known to us and make them count. Our promise is that we will continue to listen and reflect on all contributions before finalising our Corporate Strategy for 2024-2029 early next year.”

The draft strategy sets out the Utility Regulator’s proposed strategic direction for the next five years. It identifies four key strategic objectives:

  1. Supporting the Just Transition to net zero.
  2. Securing our water and energy supply.
  3. Enabling best in class energy and water companies.
  4. Providing the highest level of consumer service and protection.

Comments on the draft strategy are welcome and should be sent to us by 19 January 2024.

The easiest way to respond is to complete a short survey via the CitizenSpace portal.


Additional information

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