Gas Market Operator for Northern Ireland (GMO NI) Go-Live

02 October 2017

Gas flame

We are pleased to announce that single system operation in the gas market has now been implemented in Northern Ireland.

Up until now the gas transmission market in Northern Ireland has been operated by four separate Transmission System Operators:

  • GNI (UK) Limited;
  • Premier Transmission Limited;
  • Belfast Gas Transmission Limited; and
  • West Transmission Limited.

With effect from 1 October 2017, the new single Gas Market Operator for Northern Ireland (GMO NI) provides a single point of contact for all commercial activities, with:

  • a single IT gas transmission management system;
  • a consolidated single code; and
  • a single team to manage all commercial processes and address any queries from suppliers.

For further information on GMO NI and the GMO NI contact details please see