Notice of Reasons published for the Provisional Order to Project Plug Ltd t/a Click Energy

22 July 2019

Project Plug Ltd t/a Click Energy (“Click Energy”) failed to meet their relevant requirement under Article 5 of the Renewables Obligation Order (NI) 2009 and did not make the required NIROC payment to Ofgem by 1 September 2018. Furthermore they failed to meet the late payment deadline by 31 October 2018.

The Utility Regulator sought to secure compliance by way of a Provisional Enforcement Order under Article 42 (2) of the Energy (Northern Ireland) Order 2003. 

This is a notice pursuant to Article 62(1)(f) and (2) of the Order, which provide that the Utility Regulator shall publish a notice stating the reasons for the decision to make a provisional order as soon as reasonably practicable after making such a decision.

This Notice of Reasons sets out the background, contravention and reasons for provisional order.