SONI Evaluative Performance Framework: Annual Forward Plan 2023/2024 - call for feedback and date of stakeholder workshop

The Evaluative Performance Framework (EPF), part of SONI’s 2020 - 2025 price control, provides an evaluation of their Annual Forward Plans and performance.  Through it we build a comprehensive picture of SONI’s performance based on the knowledge and experience of a wide range of consumers, industry parties and experts.

Our independent panel of experts will soon review SONI’s Annual Forward Plan for 2023/2024 against a set of evaluation criteria. The panel will take into consideration our evidence and views, along with those from various stakeholders.  

Written feedback from stakeholders

To inform this process, we would encourage you to provide feedback on SONI’s Annual Forward Plan 2023/2024 by 12 noon on 7 November 2023.

Written feedback can be submitted to: Clodagh Goodman and cc     

We plan to publish the feedback we receive, along with our own feedback, and share it with the panel as part of the process (unless otherwise requested).

Stakeholder meeting – 23 November 2023

We plan to host a stakeholder meeting (hybrid event planned) on 23 November 2023.  Both SONI and the EPF panel will be in attendance. This event will allow SONI to explain its Annual Forward Plan for 2023/2024 and allow stakeholders to ask questions and provide direct feedback to SONI.

Further details of this stakeholder event will be communicated in due course. If you would like to register to attend, please contact:   

Assessment of the Annual Forward Plan

Following the November stakeholder meeting, the independent panel will make its assessment of SONI’s Forward Plan for 2023/2024 (taking all evidence into account).  We will then publish a report detailing the panel’s assessment and their recommendation to us.

We will then make our determination on SONI’s performance by the end of January 2024.  This determination will include the calculation of a financial reward or penalty using the method set out in the Evaluative Performance Framework Guidance document.

Conclusion of EPF year 2022/23

The final assessment of the current EPF year (2022/2023) will begin following receipt of SONI’s Annual Performance Report for 2022/2023.  We will publish a report by April 2024 on SONI’s overall performance for the price control year 2022/2023.

Other information

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