SONI Evaluative Performance Framework: annual performance 2022/2023 – independent expert panel recommendations

SONI published their Annual Performance Report for 2022/2023 in December 2023. The Utility Regulator then asked for written submissions from stakeholders on their views of the plan and a workshop was held in February 2024, where SONI presented their achievements for the year 2022/2023.

The Evaluative Performance Framework (EPF), devised as part of the SONI 2020 to 2025 price control, allows for the evaluation of SONI’s performance by an independent panel of experts ('the panel').  

The panel conducted an evaluation of SONI’s performance, taking all evidence into account. The panel then submitted their recommendation report to us in March 2024. We are publishing their report in our capacity as the secretariat for the panel. We would note that the report has been drafted by the panel and reflects the views of the panel only.

We expect to publish our decision in May 2024, after taking into account the panel’s recommendations. Our decision will set out a grade for SONI’s plan in line with our regulatory guidance.

Copies of all documents will be made available in large print, Braille, audio cassette and a variety of relevant minority languages if required.