Approval of amended Capacity Calculation Regions (CCR)

We have today published our decision to approve the proposal for an amendment to the determination of Capacity Calculation Regions (CCR amendment proposal).

The CCR amendment proposal proposes a change to the existing determination of the Channel CCR to include the bidding zone border between Belgium - Great Britain. The proposal retains the existing bidding zone borders of Netherlands - Great Britain and with France - Great Britain.

The attached letter sets out the UR’s decision to approve the CCR amendment proposal pursuant to Article 9(10) of CACM and outlines the necessary next steps to be taken.

Letter_UR_Approval_Amended_Capacity_Calcuation_Regions Pdf (53 KB)

UR_All_RA_agreement_to_approve_the_CCR_Amendment_Proposal Pdf (385 KB)


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