Bright Energy - Notice of licence revocation

bright energy - Notice of licence revocation Adobe PDF (257.95 KB)

In December 2021, bright energy informed the Utility Regulator, along with their staff and customers, that they planned to leave the Northern Ireland electricity supply market. Since this development last month, bright energy has been working to make sure that there is an orderly transfer of their remaining customers to another electricity supplier.

Following the revocation of bright energy’s licence (see document above), this transfer of customers will be carried out using the Supplier of Last Resort (SoLR) process. SoLR is a tried and tested process that has been developed with the Utility Regulator, Power NI (as the regulated electricity supplier) and NIE Networks to ensure that no customer is left without supply of electricity due to a supply company ceasing to operate in Northern Ireland.

All of bright energy’s customers will be automatically transferred to Power NI when the SoLR event occurs on 13 February 2022 and their supply will be unaffected during this transfer.

Following the transfer, Power NI will be in contact with customers to inform them of their new tariff, terms and conditions and any further action required by the customer.

We will shortly publish further information for customers on the SoLR process, including a question and answer document.


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