Request for Amendment to the all TSO's proposal for the Implementation Framework for a European Platform for the Imbalance Netting Process

The Utility Regulator has published its decision to request further amendment to the all TSOs’ proposal for the implementation framework for a European platform for the imbalance netting process. This was submitted in accordance with Article 22 of Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/2195, establishing a guideline on Electricity Balancing (the “EBGL Regulation”).

This proposal lays down the design, functional requirements, governance and cost sharing for the imbalance netting platform, with the platform consisting of, at least, the imbalance netting process function and the TSO-TSO settlement function.

With Northern Ireland and Ireland constituting one Load Frequency Control (LFC) area, an imbalance netting process is not relevant to market operations in SEM. However, as per Article 5 of the EBGL Regulation, all Regulatory Authorities have to approve the framework proposal developed by TSOs for the imbalance netting process.

The all Regulatory Authorities’ agreement reached on 11 July 2019, attached as an annex to this decision letter, constitutes the reason for the decision.


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