Consultation on proposed regulatory instructions and guidance for SONI


Consultation opened on . Closing date at 18:00.


This consultation paper details the Utility Regulator's proposals to introduce a regular reporting structure to SONI.

The paper also sets out a proposed additional licence condition to the SONI TSO Licence to allow for this reporting structure.  A draft of the Data Reporting Template (in MS Excel format) containing various spreadsheets for completion by SONI under this reporting structure is also published.

This regular reporting structure will provide a framework for the UR to collect consistent information from SONI on an annual basis.  It will provide the UR with a greater ability to measure SONI’s performance in general and specifically against their allowed revenue through their price control. This allowed revenue is funded by all electricity consumers in Northern Ireland. The reporting structure will also help inform future allowed revenue for SONI, ensuring ongoing efficiency and value for money for NI consumers.

The UR welcomes stakeholder views on the all the proposals set out in this consultation paper.