UR launches gas to the west licence application process

Published: 06 February 2014

Consultation opened on 06 February 2014. Consultation closed 06 May 2014.


The Utility Regulator today announces the launch of the competitive licence application process to extend the gas network in Northern Ireland to the towns of Strabane, Omagh, Enniskillen, Derrylin, Dungannon, Coalisland, Cookstown and Magherafelt. To view a press release announcing the launch, please click here.

Two exclusive gas conveyance licences will be awarded, one for high pressure assets and another for low pressure assets.  In addition to the network design data we have already published in October 2013, we are publishing the applicant information pack and associated annexes.  The deadline for receipt of applications for these licences is Tuesday 6 May at 12.00 noon.  It is intended that the two licences will be granted in October 2014.

• Gas Network Extensions in Northern Ireland: Gas to the West: Applicant Information Pack.

Accompanying annexes:

• Annex 1 - Disclaimer and notices
• Annex 2 - on the DETI Grant Funding– Likely requirements in respect of social clauses
• Annex 3 - Form of application reproduced from the Regulations
• Annex 4 - Standard licence conditions
• Annex 5 - High pressure operational business plan template
• Annex 6 - Low pressure operational business plan template
• Annex 7 - High pressure workbook notes
• Annex 8 - Low pressure workbook notes
• Annex 9 - High pressure data input workbook
• Annex 10 - Low pressure data input workbook

The development of the competitive licence application process follows extensive consultation with industry.  In April 2013 we published a consultation paper seeking the views of interested parties on how the competitive process to award the necessary licences should be conducted.  We received 8 responses.  Two of the responses were confidential and the other six are published below:

• Bord Gais Networks
• The Consumer Council
• Federation of Small Business
• Firmus Energy
• Phoenix Natural Gas
• United Dairy Farmers

Today we also publish the conclusions paper explaining our decisions on the conduct of the process.

• Gas network extensions in Northern Ireland: A conclusions paper

All published information detailing the project can be found in the gas to the west section of the UR website.

Copies of the document will be made available in large print, Braille, audio cassette and a variety of relevant minority languages if required.