Market Operation and Monitoring

The Market Operations branch is focused on the ongoing regulation of the existing Single Electricity Market (SEM) on the island of Ireland. Operations include:

  • Monitoring of the market schedule, dispatch, pricing outcomes, and commercial behaviour of participants
  • Enforcement of licence conditions governing participation in the SEM
  • SEM Policy Development and Refinement
  • Calculation of the Annual Capacity Payments Sum and associated parameters
  • Regulation of the SEM Operator (SEMO) and approval of MO Tariffs
  • Approval of Dispatch Balancing Forecasts and Incentive payments
  • Regulation of the NIE Power Procurement Business (PPB)
  • Support for retail tariff calculations and approval of various market parameters
  • Generation of reports including a public Quarterly SEM report and assessment of Generator Financial Profitability (

The branch is also leading the UR’s contribution to the DS3 project ( and in 2017 will undertake a substantial IT development project to re-tool in preparation for Go-Live of the I-SEM.