Backbilling in the NI Retail Energy Market

08 January 2020

Today the Utility Regulator publishes its final decision for the ‘Backbilling in the NI Retail Energy Market’ project.

Backbills have the potential to cause significant financial hardship, as well subjecting the recipients to varying degrees of inconvenience and stress. Where customers are not at fault, it is our view that they should be afforded some protection from long-term backbills.

The UR published a consultation seeking views on a proposal to limit backbills. After careful review of all responses, we have decided to proceed with the implementation of a 13 month limit on energy backbills. The obligation on suppliers will come into effect 1 September 2020, and will apply to domestic consumers and microbusinesses, for both gas and electricity and across all payment types. 

We have also published the proposed Licence Modifications (Article 14 notices) which reflect the decisions laid out in the in the final determination. 

Responses to the proposed modifications may be submitted up to 12pm on 11 February 2020 to;

Colin Magee

Utility Regulator

Queens House

14 Queen Street

Belfast, BT1 6ED