Consultation on proposed modifications to NIE Networks transmission and distribution licences

19 September 2019


Today we publish a consultation setting out our proposal for additional pass through Capex Modifications to NIE Networks' Transmission and Distribution Licences.

The proposed modifications are required to provide for NIE Networks to be able to recover any connection charges which:

  1. it is required to pay under and in accordance with the provisions of the Transmission Interface Arrangements (TIA); and
  2. are not (either at present or going forward) recoverable by it (either in its capacity as owner/operator of the distribution system or as owner of the transmission system) through any other means or provision of either Licence.  

The proposed modifications will facilitate the recovery of certain connection costs to the NI transmission system by NIE Networks.

The Utility Regulator welcomes industry and stakeholder views and comments on the outlined licence modifications proposals and their effect by 21 October 2019.