Consultation published on changes to GB gas quality specification

16 July 2020

Gas flame

There is an ongoing consultation by the Institute of Gas Engineers and Managers on changes to the GB gas quality specification. These changes, if implemented, will also be of relevance to Northern Ireland, as all natural gas to Northern Ireland currently comes from GB. We therefore wish to bring the proposed changes to the attention of the gas industry in Northern Ireland. 

The consultation relates to both:

  • A proposal to transpose the gas quality specification out of primary legislation (the Gas Safety (Management) Regulations (GSMR)) into a new IGEM standard, as a more dynamic framework for future change; and
  • A proposal to change the gas quality specification itself to account for changes in the sources and composition of gas supplied to GB.

For further details on the consultation please see the following section on comments on draft standards page of the IGEM website. It contains links to the draft proposals, a related evidence report and comment reply form.
Please note that the deadline for provision of responses or comments to the IGEM is 30 July 2020.