Corporate Strategy 2019-24 and Forward Work Programme 2019-20 published

29 March 2019

Today we publish our Corporate Strategy 2019-24.

The strategy sets out our strategic direction for the next five years and is based on delivering outcomes based on the following overarching purpose and three strategic objectives:

Overarching purpose: Protecting and empowering all consumers by:

1. Promoting markets that deliver effective competition, informed choice and fair outcomes;
2. Enabling 21st century networks; and
3. Enabling security of supply and a low carbon future.

We published our draft strategy on 1 November 2018 and the consultation responses are also published.

Our FWP is also published and lists the non-routine projects that we plan to do during 2019-20.  These projects are organised under the strategic objectives from our Corporate Strategy 2019-24.

We published our draft FWP on 19 December 2018 and consultation responses are also published.