Decision paper on a new supplier code of practice on energy bills and statements

05 July 2017

The Utility Regulator today publishes a decision paper on a new supplier code of practice on electricity and gas energy bills and statements. This follows a second consultation launched on 16 March 2017. We received seven responses to the consultation.

This decision paper and final code of practice are published following an extensive and constructive stakeholder engagement programme including bilateral meetings, two consultation periods and a further stakeholder meeting.  We appreciate the feedback from our stakeholders which has helped to improve our final code of practice.

The objective of the new code of practice is to bring together all requirements relating to energy bills and statements and to provide some principles which will guide suppliers in the development of their bills and statements.  This code of practice is mandatory and enforceable under condition 38(2) of the electricity supply licence and condition 2.19.2 of the gas supply licence.  All suppliers must comply with this code.  Any failure of suppliers to comply with this codes of practice will be a failure to comply with their licence and therefore may result in a formal investigation and enforcement action in line with our enforcement procedure.


Annex 3 final code of practice domestic

Annex 4 final code of practice domestic tracked

Annex 5 final code of practice non-domestic

Annex 6 final code of practice non-domestic tracked