Decision on seasonal multiplier factors for gas transmission published

Today the Utility Regulator issues its decision to maintain the current seasonal multiplier factors to be applied to non-annual capacity bookings in the postalised tariff from 1 October 2022.

The annual consultation on these factors was published 30 March 2022 as required by EU Regulation 2017/460, the Network Code on Harmonised Transmission Tariff Structures for Gas (“TAR NC”), as amended following EU Exit.

Seasonal multipliers factors apply to non-annual entry capacity products, for example monthly or daily capacity bookings, by applying a factor which either increases or decreases the relevant proportion of the annual tariff. The seasonal factors reflect the seasonality of gas flows during the year and are set to incentivise suppliers to make more use of the network in the summer and shift demand away from the winter peak. The multiplier factor incentivises the use of annual capacity. The tariff for a non-annual capacity product is calculated by multiplying the annual tariff by the appropriate seasonal multiplier factor. These have been included in the gas transmission charging regime since October 2015.

We received three responses to the consultation from:

The respondents were supportive of the proposal to maintain the current factors and, as those factors meet the requirements of the EU Regulation and, following consideration of the responses received, we have decided to maintain them for Gas Year 22/23.

These factors continue to meet the requirements of the TAR NC.

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