Decisions and guidance to implement CMA Order on TNPPs & Dt Mechanism

09 March 2018

The Utility Regulator today publishes its decision paper and guidance on Transmission Network Pre-Construction Projects [TNPPs] and uncertain revenue [Dt] applications by SONI. The requirements and guidance follow a consultation on the same subject published in December 2017 and responses submitted by SONI and NIE Networks. The documents give effect to the CMA Order to prepare, following consultation with SONI, procedural guidance for obtaining approval for, varying, and recovering the costs of TNPPs and projects subject to the Dt mechanism.

The published documents include:

· A decision paper detailing consultation responses, UR thoughts and final decisions on guidance.

· Annex A – A template for completion of TNPP applications.

· Annex B – A template for ongoing reporting of pre-construction transmission project progress.

· Annex C – A template for Dt applications.

· Exhibit 1 – Finalised requirements and guidance for the TNPP process and cost recovery.

· Exhibit 2  – Finalised requirements and guidance for the Dt process and cost recovery.