The Director General Announces the Second Iteration of Interconnector Capacity Auction

The System Operator Northern Ireland (SONI), in the presence of the DGES, conducted the second iteration of the Moyle and North-South interconnector auction on Monday 16 December 2002. The first iteration of the auction was held on Wednesday 9 December 2002. Details of the results of the first iteration and last year’s auction results can be viewed by following the links on this website.

The Interconnector Capacity Auction process for trading from 1 April 2003 for the Moyle interconnector and the North-South interconnector was completed on Monday 16 December 2002. There were a number of products on offer, namely;

3-Year Moyle import 35MW

2-Year Moyle import 35MW

1-Year Moyle import 105MW

1-Year Moyle import (interruptible) 50MW

1-Year Moyle export 80MW

1-Year N-S export 300MW

All available capacity was purchased for the following products;

3-Year Moyle import

2-Year Moyle import

1-Year Moyle import

1-Year Moyle import (interruptible)

No capacity was purchased for the 1-Year Moyle export.

The average successful bid price for all Moyle import products was £5364.404 MW/month.

Of the 300MW capacity offered on the North-South Interconnector 165MW was purchased.

Further information on the background to the auction process can be found on the Ofreg website. Consultation papers on interconnector trading were issued in August and October 2002. These were followed by a decision paper in November 2002 and an Invitation to Bid in December 2002. The DGES intends to publish a report in January 2003 giving more detail and background into the results of the auction.