Electricity Regulator invites bids in the “Moyle Equivalent Energy Auction”

Release of Capacity under Contract to NIE for resale to Suppliers in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE), with the agreement of the Director General for Electricity Supply for Northern Ireland (DGES NI), announces its intent to make available the output equivalent of 125 MW of capacity for sale to licenced suppliers in the Northern Ireland eligible customer market.

The capacity will be allocated in the “Moyle Equivalent Energy Auction”. The auction will allocate energy equivalent to the output from a 125 MW contract between NIE and Scottish Power . NIE has sufficient capacity already under contract that it does not require this capacity to supply the wholesale energy needs of the Northern Ireland Franchise Customer Sector, and therefore NIE will make an energy equivalent amount of electricity available for resale. Appropriate documentation will be issued on behalf of NIE by the DGES (NI) and will be available from Friday 15th November.

Interested parties may obtain details of the auction and the accompanying documents by clicking Bid Documents and Capacity Agreements or by contacting:

James Hutchinson
Brookmount Buildings
42 Fountain Street

02890 311575


Bid documents will contain details of auction reserve price, the necessary bidding procedures, relevant Agreements and the conditions attaching to the energy obtained. Auction bids must be received by Wednesday 27th November.