Extension to call for stakeholder submissions on SONI’s Annual Performance Report 2022/2023

On 21 December 2023, we published a call for stakeholders to provide written feedback on SONI’s Evaluative Performance Framework: Annual Performance Report 2022/2023 

Following this publication, we received a request to extend the deadline for written responses by one week. We have considered this and have approved the request. 

The revised deadline for written responses has therefore been extended to 12 noon on Thursday 8 February 2024.

Responses should be returned, preferably in electronic format, to:

Karyn.Millar@uregni.gov.uk and cc Electricity_Networks_Responses@uregni.gov.uk 

Please note there will be no further extensions to this period. It should be noted that this is a time bound process and extensions put pressure on other parts of the process and we will only consider if there are exceptional circumstances.

Stakeholders can also provide oral feedback at the stakeholder event on Tuesday 27 February 2024.