Final approach to the Power NI Supply Price Control 2025 published

Today we publish our final approach paper outlining our decisions on how we will determine the scope, duration, operating costs allowance and profit margin for the Power NI Supply Price Control 2025. The price control is due to commence in April 2025.

The purpose of the price control is to set an efficient level of revenue for Power NI, which the company then collects through its regulated electricity tariffs. A timetable is included for the process of reaching a determination and discusses the areas that will be covered within the process.

Prior to this, we published a draft approach paper for the price control for consultation in November 2023The consultation process concluded in early January 2024 and a total of five responses (including one confidential response) were received. The four non-confidential responses are available below:

Consumer Council for Northern Ireland

Energy Saving Trust

Firmus Energy

Power NI

Following the consultation and on careful review of the responses received, we are now publishing our final approach to the price control.

For next steps, we plan to publish our draft determination on the price control for consultation in August 2024. The consultation period will last for eight weeks and details of how to respond will be provided at the time of publication. 

Copies of all documents will be made available in large print, Braille, audio cassette and a variety of relevant minority languages if required.