Final approach to the SONI Price Control 2026 -2031

SONI is responsible for planning and operating the electricity transmission system and networks which allow consumers to access a secure supply of electricity. It is a natural monopoly which operates under licence. As such, it is subject to a price control process.

A key outcome of this price control is to set an efficient revenue allowance to enable SONI to deliver quality outputs that customers need. In doing so, we challenge SONI to improve its efficiency and performance. 

The next SONI price control period begins on 1 October 2026 (SRP26), and it will follow regulatory practice established in this current price control period (2020-2025).

A draft approach for SRP26 was published for consultation on 2 February 2024. Following the closure of this on 29 March 2024, stakeholder feedback was reviewed and considered. Responses were received from:

Following this feedback, we are now publishing our final approach document. Alongside this, we are also publishing:

Work will now begin on the draft determination for SRP26, which is planned for publication in August 2025. This will be published for consultation and details of how to respond will be provided at that time.