Launch of consultation on Draft Forward Work Programme 2023-2024

We publish our draft Forward Work Programme 2023-2024 (FWP) for consultation.  The draft FWP and how to respond is provided via the CitizenSpace online consultation tool.

This draft FWP lists the projects that we propose to do during 2023-2024 and is published for consultation.  During the consultation, we would particularly welcome views on:

  • whether we have prioritised the right projects;
  • any objections to our proposed projects; and
  • any other comments.

The majority of the projects are major pieces of work which will span the business planning year (and in some cases will take more than one year to complete). Comments or observations on the timing of projects are also welcome. 

Comments should be sent to us by 21 February 2023 at the latest to:

We intend to hold a stakeholder meeting during the consultation period, on 23 January 2023 at 10.00 a.m.-11.30 a.m..  This meeting will be held in our offices and you should register you interest in attending by contacting before 16 January 2023.

A paper copy of the draft FWP can also be obtained from:

Barbara Brown
The Utility Regulator
Queens House
14 Queen Street