NIE Price Control (RP5) - Strategy Paper Update Published

The Utility Regulator today publishes a Strategy Paper Update’ for the fifth NIE T&D price control (RP5).  This paper follows on from a paper which was published in July 2010 (Northern Ireland Electricity plc Transmission and Distribution Fifth Price Control (RP5) Strategy Paper). 

The July strategy paper allowed stakeholders the opportunity to raise concerns which they considered relevant for the next price control and to stimulate debate about issues which the Utility Regulator felt were applicable.  Responses were welcomed to help formulate thinking prior to the Utility Regulator forming a view on the structure and content of RP5.

This ‘Strategy Paper Update’ summarises responses received to questions in the RP5 strategy paper and provides feedback to specific issues raised by respondents.  The intention of this paper is to promote transparency with stakeholders. 

The Utility Regulator received responses from eight organisations.  Individual responses to the strategy paper are published at the bottom of this release.

Any queries should be directed to:

Leigh Smyth
Electricity - Networks
Utility Regulator
Queens House
14 Queen Street
Phone: 028 9031 1575

Responses to the July 2010 Strategy Paper:

*  RP5 Strategy Paper Response - CBI
*  RP5 Strategy Paper Response - NIE
*  RP5 Strategy Paper Response - IWEA
*  RP5 Strategy Paper Response - CCNI
*  RP5 Strategy Paper Response - SSE
*  RP5 Strategy Paper Response - Smart Grid Ireland
*  RP5 Strategy Paper Response - VPE
*  RP5 Strategy Paper Response - RES Group