NIEN Maximum Import Capacity Consultation

14 January 2020

NIE Networks has been considering the incidence of underutilisation of network capacity, with a view to develop appropriate and proportionate measures to release capacity if it is being persistently underused. 

In August 2018 NIE Networks launched a ‘Call for Evidence’ (CfE) to gather stakeholder views on how unused capacity could be released to facilitate better utilisation of the network and lower connection charges for new applicants and existing customers wishing to increase their demand.  In response to the stakeholder feedback on the CfE, NIE Networks has modified the proposed methodology for both Maximum Import Capacity (MIC) charging, exception charging and in particular, how it plans to keep affected customers informed throughout the process of potential changes.

NIE Networks is now consulting on the modified proposals.  The consultation closes on 28 February 2020, and can be found here –